[Ansteorra] What was your favorite event?

sam cooper samatha.cooper at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 10:27:33 PST 2008

My favorite events have all been collegium by nature so far. My first
ever was a collegium in the Steppes, where a smith allowed us to not
just watch him work, but also step up and try our own hands for
turning out simple iron hooks on the forge. Whereupon one of our
number quickly and painfully learned that just because the iron has
cooled back to black does NOT mean it is cool enough to touch. His
friendly hospitality and willingness to share his knowledge - and his
forge - is what made me decide to join.

I didn't learn until after I'd joined that the friendly smith was also
my baron. I didn't find out until this year, having been gone several
from the Steppes that he is also a Laurel, etc. etc.

This summer, there was also the Dirty Collegium - which was held
during the dog day heat of a Houston August. Between the fascinating
classes and happenings - Court Heraldry from Modius, Open-fire cooking
by Gunthar, mediterrean lentil soup with canteloupe in it by Ihon -
even the incredible heat did not lessen my enjoyment. I didn't get to
see the smith at work, unfortunately, but my entire weekend was full
to overflowing with interesting diversions and tantalizing knowledge
offered. It is very inspirational to see someone actively enjoying the
pursuit of their individual skill to me.


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