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On Mon, Jan 14, 2008 at 08:33:45AM -0800, gail young wrote:
> Although I do not have the code in front of me, unless they have changed the laws, organizations including 501K's CAN have closed meetings.  The law there pertains specifically to open RECORDS.  For example, I work for the public schools and the school board has closed door sessions all the time.  
>   gwyneth

Here in Darkest Oklahoma, the laws concerning closed meetings of orgs
that receive any sort of government funds are quite strict, and are 
stringently enforced. 

The SCA, however, does not (to the best of my knowledge) receive any 
Federal or state funds, and so the rules are considerably less strict.
The rules require that the books be made available for inspection by 
members at reasonable times, &c., and the corporation learned a hard 
lesson about this some time back. The meetings, however, come under no 
such requirement until and unless the SCA receives Federal or state 

I, too, think that transparency is better than opacity when it comes 
to the governance of the game we call the SCA, but also can see how 
actually _getting_the_work_done_ in a reasonable amount of time and 
without distractions might incline the workers towards closing the 
meetings. In the event that a closed meeting is held, I diffidently 
submit that minutes of that meeting might -- and, I think, _should_ --
be made available to members. 

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