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Well I have been watching the descusions on the size of the area formerly known as the Western Region, all the comments have been on the acutal land of the area combaried to the other Regions, so I thought I would look at the population bases of the Regions and the number of SCA memberships in each Region. For the population base I used the numbers on a web site called city-data.com.the SCA member # are from the Ansteorran web site the # from Aug 07.
Here is what I found.
Central has 452 SCA members and a population base of 4,159,371 this is a per capita of 11 members per 100k
Coastal has 430 SCA members and a population base of  2,699,390 this is a per capita of  16 members per 100k
Northern has 466 SCA members and a population base of  1,440,981 this is a per capita of 32  members per 100k
Southern has 409 SCA members and a population base of  2,429,883 this is a per capita of 17  members per 100k
Western has 106 SCA members and a population base of  835,511 this is a per capita of 13 members per 100k
Now some of you are going to say that Western does not have viable # 's well acording to Capora a Knigdom need 400 members a principality needs 100 a Barony 25, shires and cantons need 5.
Now just because I thought it would be intersesting I took the numbers one step further, and took the membership #'s and pop base #'s for Crossroadkeep and took that per capita to see what other groups should have as memberships if they had the same per capita memberships ,here are just a few,
Elfsea 358 they have 141
Stepps 893 they have 117
Staregate 708 they have 115
Northkeep 138 they have 115
Bjornsborg 428 they have 105
>From the numbers is appears that the Western Region is being held to a higher standard of memberships.
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> Rose,
>   The distances involved are ALL in excess of an hour, in some cases as much as two or more.  I do not wish to travel 1 1/2 hours to a populous and 1 1/2 hours home, but I will if this action continues.  Other shires have farther to travel than we of Crossrode Keep would.  Blacklake has a 2 hour trip and Mendersham almost as long.  Imagine how your involvement in the Dream would change if you were told that you had to make a 2 hour trip to a meeting or practice or seminar and another 2 hours to go home.  Even if you had had a perfectly viable place at your home.
>      But even at that it is a secondary issue.  The main issue is that 3 of the 5 shires involved are proposed to be disbanded for no valid reason stated.  The 3 shires are all in full compliance with all Corpora and Kingdom law and feel we are being disbanded for the convenience of a few.  We are taking steps to counter this and are willing to take this issue to the BoD and beyond.
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>   .. What kind of distances are we talking about here?
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