[Ansteorra] Chivalric fighting at Candlemas

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Mon Jan 14 11:43:45 PST 2008

To celebrate the new found peace between the Saxons and the Danes a series of Chivalric "Friendship Games" are planned at Bryn Gwylad's Candlemas Event:
Demonstrations of Individual Prowess:  
This will be similar to a "bear pit" format, but with several timed segments fought in different weapon styles of the period including short spear and round shield, ax/mace and round shield, slashing spear (unpadded glaive) and whatever other styles strike the fancy of the Marshal in Charge.
Demonstrations of Group Prowess:
Saxons vs the Danes in match of Ogre Ball.  In the spirit of the event, early period weapon/shield styles are strongly encouraged, but not required.
Demonstrations of Brotherly Love:
"I went to a Saxon melee and a feast broke out..."  In this melee scenario, all combatants will begin seated at tables.  All weapons larger than a dagger will begin the melee "sheathed".  Any Shields or two handed weapons will begin the melee placed at the edge of the fighting field (walls of the feast hall).  Any Feast table item--food, eating daggers, goblets, serving trays, etc that can be made chivalric combat legal and safe will be allowed.  Please be creative and have fun.
I hope to have this be a relaxed and fun day of fighting.  I strongly encourage all fighters to adopt a Danish or Saxon fighting persona for the day.  Round shields and short spears will be available to borrow.  Bring gauntlets if you have them.
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
Chivalric fighting coordinator
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