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Mon Jan 14 19:04:37 PST 2008

At 03:13 PM 1/14/2008, you wrote:
>You bring up an interesting point about day tripping. Now I realize 
>that sometimes it is not avoidable as people have other obligations 
>but for some events it may be possible to extend the time we have. I 
>am relatively new to the SCA (over two years) and when I first went 
>to a camping event, I was surprised to see everyone packing up as 
>soon as they got up in the morning. I am not sure if it has been 
>tried before but could we consider ways to have some of the 
>activities continue on Sundays. Consider having the final round of a 
>competition on a Sunday thus allowing for more varied activities 
>during the day. I realize this cause some concerns with the drinking 
>that would happen on Saturday night but it could be worth 
>considering. I would not recommend placing some events on Sat and 
>some on Sunday in their entirety since that could cause some people 
>to just show up for one of the two days, as well as the rivalry as 
>to which event is what day . Well it is something I wish would
>  be considered for one of the events.
>   Dante

There are a lot of elements that have contributed to shortening our 
events. As Ismet said, sometimes the site rules require it. As Caelin 
pointed out, folks with long drive-times and/or school age kids may 
want to get home as early as feasible.

In the "old days" most of us were young and relatively poor, so 
camping (or possibly crashing at someone's house) just made the most 
sense. Many of us are older now, and a proper bed with heat/air 
conditioning (whether at home or in a motel) is more attractive than 
sleeping on the ground in a tent. If you're already back in the 
mundane world at a motel, it's harder to re-focus on medieval stuff 
on Sunday morning.

Also, in the "old days" our tournaments were usually fought on a 
single field. If we ran out of daylight before we ran out of 
fighters, then we pretty much *had* to continue on Sunday morning. 
These days, two to four fields are common (and I think that the folks 
running our tourneys are better-organized, too) so the likelihood of 
the tourney spilling over to Sunday is pretty low.

All that being said, I *do* miss falling asleep to a bardic circle a 
few tents away or (if the event *does* end Saturday night) going to 
the local fighter practice on Sunday before heading home.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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