[Ansteorra] Bards, Brewers, and Cooks (now with, shopping!)

Cisco CIvidanes engtrktwo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 22:17:47 PST 2008

At coronation, I spoke with Count Gunther, and rather than try and hash 
out any further details about this topic, we reached something of a 
gentleman's agreement that I think ought to be said here in the list.

1. their is no reason that more than one event can't be held. (on 
calander, off calander... whatever.) And if Gunther can get his tavern 
idea going and all the needed elements fall into place, than its his 
event to have.  She should have it and we should all come and enjoy. If 
Someone else wants something different...like me..then they TOO should 
out in a bid and try and make it a reality. I frankly would like to see 
a 50-75 person colegium type thing going with a lot of food in the 
afternoon  and into the evening. Their isn't any reason that these two 
event can't BOTH happen. Sure, two events is a lot, and I would never 
ask a single group  or even region to put both on, but if they both 
wound up happening, two events are awesome, and everyone gets all the 
more bardic/cooking/brewing/shopping time!

2. We agreed, on principal and honor, but not in absolute, to attend 
each other's event if the other got their idea to work. The point is 
that while his idea and my idea arn't really computable with each other, 
both can still happen, we SHOULD help each other out, and we can still 
have loads of fun at either event.

  Guther and I rarely cross paths and usually don't have a lot of common 
interests. Even here, we approach it from totally different standpoints 
and disagree about a lot of details. BUT... we still see each other as 
allies on this topic, and for me, I just think that's damn cool.

Maybe some of you are saying "well DUH!" But I just thought I would 
throw that out there because some others might benefit from my experience.

Lord Ivo Blackhawk

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