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Cat and Barn were crowned in OKC. At the Cowboy museum- no booze allowed,
but great air conditioning.

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  I have gone back and reread this thread just tobe
sure it said what I think it said.(it did)

  So let me state what I gleaned from this, then I
have a question.
  What this appears to point out is, that although
there are more people living in the southern regions
of Ansteorra(Texas), the area that has the highest
number of SCAdians is, surprise, the NORTHERN Region,
frequently called Nordsteorra!  That is to say, there
are more paid memberships up here, than any region in
the South.

  (Now for the question I warned you about.)
  This being the case, why do we never have a
coronation set in the Northern Region?
  I have been playing since Namron's Beltane Games
in May of 2000, and have not seen a coronation held up
  Why IS that?  just curious, but I WOULD like to

  Lord Robert Haddock; Wiesenfeuer, Nordsteorra, Ansteorra.

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