[Ansteorra] The evolution of meetings

Faelan Caimbeul faelancaimbeul at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 08:54:04 PST 2008

"Okay, I'll schedule a closed meeting in the morning just so we can
> get the agenda for the afternoon GOofS meeting set up, and get
> warrants signed.  And the financial committee can do its paperwork
> then, too.  Since email can be unreliable, I'll put it on the
> schedule on the website.  I'm sure the Heirs, when we have them, will
> agree to this sensible idea."
> <<five and a half months later, on the Ansteorra list>>
> "They're having a closed meeting!  What are they hiding?!  They
> should publish an agenda for the meeting about setting an agenda!"

Then don't publish the scheduling meeting at all and don't call it a "closed meeting", just tell the people that need to be there, and have it. 

Oh wait, the conspirists can't use that for anything, it's boooring.


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