[Ansteorra] What was your favorite event?

Cheri Hodek texastornado_50 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 15 13:35:38 PST 2008

This is going to sound very familiar, but all events have been a favorite. At each event we attend, we take away a memory of something that makes us pack up again to head off to "our dream."  I still remember the downpour to Namron's Protectrate (our first event), getting lost going to an event (this has happened more than once), sitting around campfires and listening to stories (bards trying to out do each other), talking to old and new friends, awards recieved by our friends, coronations, crown tournies and many such incidents. I even rember with fondness the events we have autocratted (though the headache lingers at times :o) )
  So I guess my favorite event is the one I have not attended yet.
  Muirenn inghean Chonaill

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