[Ansteorra] plagues in the south Western US

Lucia Piazetta luciapiazetta at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 15 20:54:39 PST 2008

No, the plague in the southwestern US is exactly the same species of  
bacteria that caused the famous plagues of history.  Yersinia pestis  
is alive and well in lots of prairie dog colonies, among other rodent  
populations, particularly in Northern Arizona and New Mexico.  A  
biologist at the Grand Canyon just contracted it and died in November.

Hanta virus is a different infectious agent also in the Southwest,  
and can be spread through rodent urine and feces.

-Lucia P.

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> The plague mentioned in the southwest was the Hanta Virus, deadly  
> but totally different from the plagues that struck the Knowne World  
> during Medieval times. But it too was flea borne, this time from  
> small desert mice.
> Bertha von Caffei

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