[Ansteorra] Certifications expired

Sue Delk ladydds at verizon.net
Thu Jan 17 11:30:50 PST 2008

Would the following chirurgeons please contact me ASAP.  Your certifications have expired and need to be updated or you will not be included on this week's warrant roster!  Please forward as needed to local lists.  Please reply to ladydds at verizon.net .

Genevieve del Gamba
Outgoing KC

By region:

Adelaide de Ruthven
Aingeal Mac an Ghabbann
Alasdair MacEoghan
Aurelia Yverneau
Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote
Prudence the Curious
Romanius Scipio Vesperanius
Rosalia di Bellavita
Tim the Tall
Yrsa Mysingerdottir

Annalies Pferdhirt
Erik of Riverhold
Lorensa Fraser
Marcus Cassius Maximus
Paul of Seawinds
Sinech an Einigh

Ainar Magnusson
Michale Fenwick of Fotherinhay
Renault du Mont-Saint Michele
Siobhan of Skorragardr
Thomas Quilliam
Tobias Bones Gervase

Alfred Huddlestone
Arkell vom Cophus
Atheldreda of Dun Breatan
Kathy Walker
Moira Lindsay
Rurik the Red

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