[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Sat Jan 19 16:18:07 PST 2008

I am   glad you can  believe. I have been in the SCA for 39 years and I was hoping to make it to 40, but in the last five years things have gotten a little mundane. 
First there is almost no persona. I am happy for people who just love to hang out with their friends and enjoy wearing costumes. I joined for a historical reality and a escape from the real world. I want to talk to people and play my part. I want to do the courtesies and flirt with the gentlemen and  interact in a courtly way. I want the fighting to be real. I like  the old days when people studied their personas and went out of their way to portray what they were. I liked fighting with the Northlanders who did poetry before every battle or watched rapier fighters who made up poetry while they were fighting. 
I liked it when we tried not to talk about the everyday world and cell phones weren't going off all the time. I liked it when no one would think  about camping with their  cars next to their tent. I don't believe everyone has a medical reason.
I want campfires and bards that me feel medieval. I want gaming tents and dicing and tavern fights.Does anyone out there remember when we had those things? 
 You may look down on me for losing faith but the average life span is down  to five years. The longer you are in the SCA the deeper your game gets  and needs to get. We need to allow longer tenure members to do things that interest them. We are not recruiting as many new members so we need to provide more for our current members. 
willow de wisp

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