[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sat Jan 19 15:26:16 PST 2008

That's all it should take is that one moment to make a wonderful memory. 
Even when I thought I was going to float out of my tent at Bordermarch it 
was still fun even though I wasn't happy.  But seeing the purple dye on my 
rear when I got home was what made it funny.  I just listened to drip, drip, 
drip all the way back home on Sunday.  Even the downpour was a lot more fun 
that listening to a Girl Scout Troop Leader one night when a June Bug got 
under her nightgown.  Now that was scary!

There were things at both events I've been to that I would prefer not to 
remember but the good outweighs the bad (yeah even the privy smell where 
someone got sick).  Part of it I'm guessing is age, I've decided to enter 
possibly my third childhood so everything is bright, new, and yes, even 
scary at times.

Perhaps this time I'll decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Runa of the Thundering Herd

Sir Ian Mac Baird wrote?

>I think there is a difference in perception between us "Old timers" as 
>compared to the "Newcomer." Seems to me that, to the newcomer. everything 
>sparkles and has a euphoric sense of stepping back in time and finding a 
>dream come true. We, as old timers, go to the event looking for the moment 
>that will do the same thing for us. Autumn Melees last year, for example. 
>We were fighting a field battle and I looked up and saw the Queen standing 
>by herself facing a small contingent of opposing fighters. I ran across the 
>field and fell in beside her. She acknowledged my presence and we proceeded 
>to carry the fight to the opposition rather successfully. That was the 
>moment that sparkled for me during that event. Now please understand that 
>this was not the only good time during the event, but it was the one moment 
>that transcended all else. I can think of several others over the past few 
>years that were as exhilarating. Perhaps it is a matter of maturing in the 
>game we play to the
> point we see it differently. Just a thought.
> Sir Ian

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