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On Jan 19, 2008, at 4:19 PM, Quill wrote:
> So a couple things to think about in answering: what are your  
> attitudes
> toward children (especially those of other people)? What is there -  
> in the
> SCA or at any given event - for children to be involved in? What do  
> we do to
> not just make room for them in our dream, but make them a /part/ of  
> it, and
> make ourselves a part of their dream? And to those of you who were  
> "born
> into the Society"... what keeps you here?

At least in my barony, I've seen a dramatic change in the way  
children have been viewed. Ten+ years ago much of the barony was  
divided into the folks with children and the partyers. The schedules  
didn't mesh well. The partyers wanted to stay up late and party,  
while the parent group wanted to go to bed early and wake up early,  
much to the dismay of the late-sleeping/hung-over partyers. That  
division has softened quite a lot as many of the partyers got older  
and had children.

Many events have organized children's activities, although it has  
gotten harder to find people willing to lead them with the two  
unrelated adults at all times, and now the background check rules.

For more on children in the SCA and various activities for them, you  
might want to browse through the CHILDREN section in the Florilegium.  
A few of the files there include:

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> -From the cookbook _Cornish Recipes Ancient and Modern_

I was unaware of any cookbooks which had actual Cornish medieval (or  
older) recipes. I'd like to hear more about this book. Does it have  
actual recipes or are they simply someone's guesses about what might  
have been done? Unfortunately, many people, including some cookbook  
authors often fail to distinguish between "traditional" and  
"medieval". Tomatoes are "traditional" in some Italian cooking, but  
certainly not medieval for instance. The same is apparently true of  
the Cornish Pastry consisting of several different foods in different  
areas of the same hand pie. This appears to be an 18th or 19th  
century invention. :-(

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