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I think  there is a difference in perception between us "Old timers" as 
compared to the  "Newcomer." Seems to me that, to the newcomer. everything sparkles 
and has a  euphoric sense of stepping back in time and finding a dream come 
true. We, as  old timers, go to the event looking for the moment that will do 
the same thing  for us. Autumn Melees last year, for example. We were fighting 
a field battle  and I looked up and saw the Queen standing by herself facing a 
small  contingent of opposing fighters. I ran across the field and fell in 
beside  her. She acknowledged my presence and we proceeded to carry the fight to 
the  opposition rather successfully. That was the moment that sparkled for me 
 during that event. Now please understand that this was not the only good 
time  during the event, but it was the one moment that transcended all else. I 
can  think of several others over the past few years that were as exhilarating.  
Perhaps it is a matter of maturing in the game we play to the
point we see  it differently. Just a thought.

Sir Ian

You are so right. It is the moments that count. A gentleman stopping what  he 
is doing smiling and asking to carry your things for you with all  curtesy 
(with a smile)  

Faith is believing what the eyes cannot see. ~~~~Michael of  Langley

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