[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

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Your Grace,

I am from Elfsea and am proud to be able to say so. Each group has its own
personality as does each person. Most people can enjoy living in most
groups, but there is occasionally a disconnect. I'm sorry you have not felt
the warmth and welcome others have found with us. We certainly have tried
over the years. 

We like to participate in the full breadth of the middle ages. We have two
calendar events. Elfsea Defender is relatively high persona and has various
themes. It used to do culture camps which were definitely persona venues,
but the people who put them on became tired and, rather than burn out, we
moved to other themes. We may well experiment with them again as it has been
a while. The other is Elfsea Springfaire which is generally more of a
country fair event. It is much lower in pageantry, but can still be strongly

I have always admired your ability to get into a persona and stay there
throughout an event. I fondly remember some of my earliest events where you
did that and graciously invited me into your persona. I learned much from

We do many other events, Kingdom level and off-calendar, including colleges
and other things. It is true that Elfsea is more known for its service than
for its persona. We are developing a reputation for excellence in Arts and
Sciences also. Some of our people are very into persona play and others are
not. Perhaps gentle and patient work by example and by teaching those who
want to be taught could make us known for persona play also. Complaining
about it will probably not be as effective.

You have much to offer the Kingdom and Elfsea, but you must lead people and
not try to drive them toward your goals. You must show them what you see of
value in your goals and make it easy for them to go in that direction. And
if they choose another road, you should find the good on that road and find
joy with them.

In service,
Caelin on Andrede

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I love events that have more meat on their events. I like Lions or Old time
Warlord or Old time Protector. I like events that feel like they are taking
place in the Middle Ages or the sometime in the past. I like wars because
they make me feel real. 
In Elfsea the concept is that people come to events to hang out with their
friends and they really don't want activities.  Also mostly in Elfsea  they
want events that don't have a lot of show and they like events where nobles
"hang up their hats". That is why they are always having peasants or Care
Pirates or something. They are really into the SCA lifestyle and the study
of history out side of papers and research is not encourage. Persona is not
their thing. I find their event very dry and boring. On the other hand some
of the events in ByenGwld and Namron and Bjornberg have been very exciting.
I really liked the Ladies Tourney  Bryn Gwlad had. I loved the flower
battles and we were encouraged to come in fancy dress. I had an awsome
costume to  play Empress Zenobla. Her then Majesty Regina was very tolant
and let me prance around claiming to be of a higher rank. She was very
sweet. I had all these feathers in my head dress that kept falling off and a
corset that took 2 knights to tie up. 
I liked Master Bjorn's Thing in Nanron where the Ravens and I got drunk in
the night and had a kenning contest. That event was great. I have several
great stories with that.
I Love  Bjornsborg's Hunts. They are so exciting. I loved the stag hunt we
had in Namron when Jon was King. I loved the second Protector when the
Viking raided and the women drove them off. 
I like events that have historical reality. I like it when the fighting
feels real and the fighters are fighting like they really are dying. The
fighting in more fun to watch. I don't like it when everyone treats it like
a sport. I am very upset with the plan to de-medievaize the fighting. 
I hate a lot of the pseudo mundane things we do. I hate a&s contest. They
are so mundane. I don't mind whole events dedicated to learning and having
those kinds of activities, but our Tourneys and Feast are suppose to be
pre-17th century activity events. 

We used to have spots at events where you could go and escape the mundane,
but now there is no where to go. I sort of hate talking favorite events
because nothing I go to is like those events anymore and it makes me unhappy
to think of what we have lost. 

I was envious to hear Master Robin say he could believe. I haven't been able
to believe in a long while.
Lanphier Taylor aka 
willow de wisp................................

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