[Ansteorra] Magic Moments

Kristi Johnson kristi_johnson1972 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 07:49:50 PST 2008

I would have to say the most transported back in time
events for me were both DFT Yule Revels.  The first
one I attended when pregnant with Ryan was at the hall
at Camp Crucius in Granbury. The weather was atrocious
which made the hall even darker.  The lights were
turned out and all was lit by candles.  I am not sure
if there was no heat or it was off so it was chilly
and drafty in the hall. The physical environment is
what did it for me.  It told my mind this ain't your
usual Christmas party.

The second one is the one at the Pythian Home in
Weatherford.  For those of you who don't know the
Pythian Home is a children's home that is styled after
a fairy tale castle.  Back in it's founding days it
was a "widows and orphans home" complete with farm and
cemetery.  The cemetery is still there but I am not
sure as to the farming operation.  The hall we used
was on the upper floor. That hall was fantastic before
the banners and such.  The molding around the ceiling
was a relief of feast hall scenes I believe.  The
tables were these huge heavy wooden behemoths.  There
was a stage that was used as a dias for the high
table. The best part of the evening was when Aireklee
asked for Ceinwen's hand and the crowd went wild. I
don't think I have ever heard so many "Vivats" in my
life. That time the magic was simply the joy of
celebrating with friends.

I think the biggest reason why the old days seem so
much more "authentic" to most of the old timers I am
hearing here is because it WAS the old days.  The old
days before we did research and learned what is period
and what is not. Those were the days when it was
easier to trick the mind because we were all a lot
more ignorant of facts than we are as time goes on.  I
don't think that the answer necessarily lies in more
stringent adherence to period everything as much as it
lies in looking with the eyes of a child.  You have to
remember that you are playing and reignite your
ability to pretend and imagine.  It can be a hard
thing for adults to do but it is possible. 

That said it does however help to have the plastic out
of sight and the cooler covered with a blanket.

Thora O.

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