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Helena has camped with us so she knows how we do things...

There is NO EXCUSE NOR REASON why one can't be both modern and period at events.

We have a EzUp canopy.. it's green.. we have nylon walls for it.. ok.. NOT 
PERIOD.. ok, so what.. inside we have two very modern tables and two coolers.. 
well, we just use plain bed sheets and throw them over the top.. HEY HIDDEN.. 
Helena has her wooden cabinet where we hide our spices/condiments. Under the 
tables, under the sheets we hide our coolers (we plan to build fasad boxes to 
cover them later) we have a few modern camp folding chairs.. a throw or sheet or 
blanket  over them.. HEY HIDDEN.. I do have patterns for making actual chair 
covers that fit those style chairs.. but sometimes money is tight so buying 
fabric isn't possible and it's expensive.

We plan on using solid color cheap cotton bed sheets (we have the pattern found 
online) to make a fasad cover to toss over the canopy w/ walls to hide the very 

We have leather and cloth satchels and pouches to carry our very modern first 
aid kits, and personal things like a wallet (for shopping) and a cell phone (so 
kids who stayed home can call in an emergency) and things like my medications 
(diabetic) and even a cloth bag to carry a waterbottle when I DON'T want to hang 
a mug from my waist (gets annoying and heavy) or in my hand.

Yes our tents are modern.. and we DON'T PLAN on buying an actual period tent.. 
way to damn expensive.. so, we plan to buy a 10'x20' portable garage and make 
the cloth/canvas fasad to cover it.

When we aren't going to an activity and are hanging out at our campsite.. hubby 
sits at a table and works on leather, bone, or wood or hand makes string for 
bows. Or he will fix/repair his armour. Or, if he has his books with him.. he 
does heraldry. I have a hair net loom or will work with leather or perhaps minor 
bookbinding or making tokens. Or we just sit with friends and enjoy good drink, 
food and conversation.

Yes, we bring a tripod grill with us for camp cooking and we have a small 
coleman two burner stove. The stove stays hidden in the canopy, and the tripod 
grill is a modern.. but period style grill. And quite frankly I LIKE modern 
bathrooms versus a portajon and won't give up my shower, but when I have too, I 
adapt and overcome.. and I bring my very modern wipes, waterless shampoo and a 
small plastic sink tub to wash in.. even use it to wash our feast gear well 
enough to get it home and REALLY wash it. We have our hanging candle lamps and 
our modern flashlights. (and I won't go into a portajon without a flashlight) 

Needless to say.. there is nothing wrong with having modern and medieval 
TOGETHER.. and it CAN BE DONE.. just takes a little imagination.

So, do your modern sanitary cooking.. just use a on the ground grill (something 
just off the ground) and use a dutch oven (so it looks period). Hide your modern 
tables and chairs with throws or sheets and covers when you can't afford to make 
or buy period style chairs. Keep your Gladware containers in a box under the 
table hidden by the sheet. Hide your hand sanitizer in a pouch or a small wooden 
box or cabinet. Keep that "Johnson and Johnson" first aid kit plastic box inside 
a cloth satchel over your shoulder.

I like authentic shoes.. but I can't afford to make/buy leather and keep it 
sealed and waterproof on the soles.. so I took a pair of those slip on canvas 
shoes.. cut all but 1/2 inch of the canvas off above the sole .. turned them 
inside out and sewed some soft leather to the canvas.. turn them back and now I 
have leather shoes with a modern sole.

So, BE PERIOD in a MODERN way and you can still LIVE THE DREAM and have fun.

Maire O'Halowrane
House MAL
Kingdom Lands
Southern Region

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On Jan 20, 2008 10:13 PM, Richard Threlkeld <rjt at softwareinnovation.com> wrote:
> Though I consider persona play magical and wonderful to watch, most of what
> I do is service which is not really period. I do first aid which no one
> wants to be medieval. I do cooking - and though we want to cook period
> things, we want to do the cooking with modern sanitation and techniques.
> I've been a Seneschal a couple of times and it primarily relates to modern
> thinking about people and law. I take pictures (and I apologize for the
> modern intrusion it causes, but I believe it is a valuable service). I
> Marshal and that is a modern affectation. I guess only Heraldry (of the
> things I do) is more or less a period thing subject to persona play.

Why must it be an either/or?  This shouldn't be an "I can do what I
like *or* I can be in persona," and there's no way to reconcile them.

I am a professional photographer, and I make no apologies for my
camera, but I do attempt to stay out of people's faces and to capture
the dream as I see it.  If I step on someone's toes, I beg pardon and
go on, and I certainly appreciated those good gentles at Bordermarch
who did not kick me as I moved through the knighting.

I enjoy cooking, and I enjoy period food, but I see no reason to have
my plastic containers of meat or my bottles of hand sanitizer sitting
on the table.  I have a small wooden cupboard to hide my spices and a
box to hold my cooking utensils.

I am a huge fan of good first aid, but must my first aid kit be in the
blue plastic box with "Johnson & Johnson" stenciled on the front?

> So there are things I could do in persona, but I have never found time to
> build a really good persona. Maybe that will come with time and changing
> priorities, but mostly I agree with Sir Jean Paul.

I don't think anyone truly wants to go back to times when meat was
heavily seasoned to disguise the fact that it was rather ripe, when a
bloody split whole pigeon was considered an ideal poultice for blood
poisoning or having to sit for hours upon hours to have an image
created, but rather, find ways to blur the edges between what we know
to be true and what we wish to be true.  It means taking a bit more
time, possibly from things we would rather do, but in the end, perhaps
it would be worth it.

If I have offended you with my words, I ask forgiveness.

Helena Dalassene
Blonde.  It's not just a hair color; it's a way of life.

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