[Ansteorra] Events in the Last Five years

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Mon Jan 21 17:40:31 PST 2008

Today, if I witness persona exchanges going on, I will stay to the back
> and try not to intrude.  I am not good at the language part of it, but I
> love to see the whole plan unfold.  I can go to the event, try to keep
> modern issues and items in check and enjoy the magic that is being
> created around me.  When I do try my hand at persona play I am who I am,
> I just try to do it in a different manner.
I think this is something many people have forgotten. The interplay of persona is something a lot of people used to enjoy. Clan Caldal did a persona tavern for 10 years. and often people would come in and just watch. Next year that would do a short thing.Maybe just order a drink in a period way. The next year they would do more. Some people would just watch and be in persona. That is what some people do in real life. We sometimes had things arranged. For example a man came in a green cloak and had a bow and the Baron's guard came in and he hid. Or a couple of  late period nobles would arrange a duel at sun rise. and had it behind the tavern. If you were up early enough they were fun to watch. We had a couple of berserk come into the bar and Sir Harold came in and did a Icelandic story about how you don't want berserk staying with you during the winter. After he left one of them tried to pick up one the tavern girls and she laugh at them and make some statement that she didn't want a berserk she wanted a Hero. This was lots of fun to watch but it was something you could do and leave. 
I really don't think we need whole events that are heavy into persona. I just think we need places on site where persona is encourage. I don't think we need to ban cars from everywhere I just would like a part of the campsite that doesn't had cars next to all the tents. I like the period areas but I don't need them. I just need the big mundane things out of the way. I don't want everything at a feast to be period but I would like something. I don't have to have all the activities to be in the spirit of the medieval or ren time periods but I would like something. I like Balls but I don't demand all the dances be period. 
I am not asking for all white or all black. I am asking for more gray. 


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