[Ansteorra] What makes a favorite event?

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I would say that more people than you think work on their art in camp, however the weather is a factor in who is working on what, I will not work on my embroidery at events because I do not like to work on it if my hands are sweaty or dirty, I corroding needles at the best of times hot sweaty hands makes it worse, I do bring my naalbinding to most of the events that I go to, I don't useualy work on a project because I have to stop and show someone what I am doing , because of this I bring along  extra needles to give to anyone who wants to learn.
And when the weather permits we will do the open fire cooking using period recipes. However trying to cook over a fire when the heat is 90 + it is just insane to try.
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> One thing I haven't really seen at the few events we have attended so far here 
> in Ansteorra, are people sitting at their campsites actually making things.. 
> other than a few merchants who do stuff at their booths or an occassional lady 
> seamstress doing something while watching fighting and such.  Both in Atlantia 
> and Drachenwald at every event people were all over doing their actual crafts.. 
> leather, wood, bone, sewing, cooking (for others to taste), caligraphy.. It was 
> at an event in Drachenwald where my husband learned bone work from a man sitting 
> at a table near his campsite.. not far from the lists.. working on bone. Another 
> event had a class for bone work he took to get more info.
> Maire O'Halowrane
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> I want it know that while I stated that I didn't personally like some things 
> like A&S  contest that are very mundane. I liked the faire more flakiest contest 
> we used to have at event. I can't tell you what are the difference but the 
> contest at Lions I found fun. There is something cold about the way we do things 
> now. I liked interacting with the people more.
> Willow de Wisp 
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