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Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Tue Jan 22 12:55:16 PST 2008

Duchess Willow asked

>  Has anyone had a persona moment in the last five years?

Goodness, yes.  These are from the last few months, when I haven't been 
able to attend many events.

At Coronation I received the scarf from Queen Ebergardis and was released 
from fealty, then pinned it on the new Queen Vanessa and swore my fealty to 
her with all the White Scarves.  Both Queens were in tears.  The 
re-creation of the Cult of Gloriana was as striking and heartfelt as it 
always is.

Also at Coronation, I was able to be part of the presentation at feast of a 
subtlety made by Mistress Rhiannon for King Aaron and Queen Vanessa.  It 
was two cakes in the shape of the royal cushions.

Again at Coronation, when I attended the vigil of Mistress Elin, I was 
given a spindle made by the hand of Lord Daniel de Cameron.  As a noble 
should, I sought out Lord Daniel to praise his work.  I have no idea if it 
felt like a persona moment for him, but it pleased him to be praised, which 
was the point.

At Coronation, I watched with pride as King Aaron concluded a treaty with 
King Palymar of the Midrealm to bring more warriors for the Ansteorran side 
at Gulf War.

Perhaps nobody else would have seen this as a moment in persona, but near 
the end of Coronation, Mistress Rhiannon was trying to get rid of a set of 
chocolates made in the shapes of stars and roses.  She wanted to get back 
to the kitchen, so I looked around, saw Lord Aridan and asked if he could 
help a lady.  He jumped up, took the dish of chocolates, and started 
handing them out.  I called on him because I knew that he would come if I 
called and would jump at the chance to help.

At Twelfth Night I performed a new alliterative verse about a group of 
Ansteorran warriors, watching their reaction as I described their battle 
and heroism.  Afterwards, Master Airaklee and Sir Louis came over to me in 
private and presented me with a pair of spurs, as a gift from two members 
of the chivalry to the bard who had sung their praises.  The spurs are now 
on display in the front room of my house.  The Baron of Elfsea came over 
and presented me with a necklace, which I gave to my inspiration Mistress 

At court at Twelfth Night, Sir Tomas (as Elfsea's herald) and I (as 
Steppes's herald) started court without the nobles, using the puppets they 
had been given.  We were halfway through starting a war when Baron Daire, 
Baroness Druinne and Baroness Katheryn came up and had their guards stop 
us, and then court was held in all honor and dignity.  [Doesn't sound like 
a persona moment?  To me, it was Robin once again performing Commedia 
dell'Arte (Renaissance slapstick)in the masque of the zany Cocochino.]

At Kingdom Eisteddfod, I watched in awe as Master Ihon performing a piece 
by John Skelton, and saw his praise piece for our hosts of Dragonsfire Tor. 
Also I received a presentation of Lady Merrin performing a piece in my 
honor.   She performed with joy and love (and tears), and I felt honored 
and touched.

There were several other magic moments at Eisteddfod, as always.  Vyolante 
(Adelina) sang Darius's "Just One Time".  Lady Nyx performed an 
alliterative work called "Ansteorra Still Stands".  HL Mea sang a beautiful 
Italian piece, and "Johnny Be Fair".  Lady Maggie told the story of Mulan 
and pulled us in so well that I never thought about the Disney movie.  Lady 
Bella sang a lovely song, sufficiently compelling that I have no notes on 
it.  But I have a very strong memory of the repeated line "And none knew 
she loved him but herself and God."  Then Lucas ripped our hearts out with 
a tale about a water-bearer.  Really.  Ask him for it sometime.  Bring a 
hankie.  Bring two.  Rosia, who I don't know well, sang a wonderfully 
poignant war song -- "I'll have the honor of a warrior's death."  Then she 
sang about the same situation from the lady's viewpoint.  Baron Donnchad 
... ummm Duncan ... no, that is, ah, wait, I can spell this ... 
Donchhadd... I mean, er, ....  (I'll come in again.)

The Baron of Namron sang Ivar's "Raised as a Warrior", pulling us at once 
into the mind of a medieval warrior and into the early days of Ansteorran 
bardcraft.  (Ivar was one of the first two to receive a Sable Thistle for 
performing arts, and is the second Lion of Ansteorra.)

HL Rixende presented a new cloak for the Premier Bard, which was beautiful 
and fitting.  The presentation was sincere and meaningful.

One truly authentic-feeling moment happened at Three Kings on the field. 
In the final fencing melee, I was trying to make an alliance, and met with 
a stern warrior, focused on his battle.  He turned to me and said, "Three 
times one army has attacked mine in the back, and they will feel my wrath." 
For one brief moment, the battle was real.

At Three Kings, I had a great exchange, being treated with honor and 
dignity by my opponent Lord Brian ui William when he and I were the last 
two fighters in the defense of the Iron Star.

Also at Three Kings, I performed a piece in praise of the Saxon bard Master 
Cedric, in the Saxon alliterative style.  Not a terribly long or deep 
piece, it nonetheless seemed to draw people in.  I believed, and they 

Don Ingwe, HL Rixende, Lord Dyryke, Lord Uilliac and I formed a melee team 
specifically to go to Namron and win back the Iron Star from the 
Calontirans.  It was a decision based purely on kingdom honor.  And we won, 
and brought the Star home.

Late Friday night at Namron, I was walking through the field, looked up and 
saw the constellation Aquila.  The eagle with wings outspread was rising, 
with its brightest star Altair front and center.  While I've known the 
constellations since I was a teenager, this was the first time I saw it as 
an eagle with a star on its chest, rising over an Ansteorran list field, 
and it felt like I was looking at the Centurions' own constellation.  I was 
Robin of Gilwell, Centurion, on the field looking into the heavens for 
inspiration for tomorrow's tourney.

Also at Namron, I watched the final fight between Baron Elric and my cadet 
Lord Dyryke.  I was fascinated by the fighting, cheering for my student, 
and caught up in the joys of Namron Protectorate, remembering the first 
fencing Protectorate won by Master Pepin for Baroness Gwyneth.  (Elric won. 
Oh, well.  Not the point.)

At Elfsea Defender, I watched as my baroness played the gracious hostess at 
the breakfast cooked by Count Gunthar and Lady Elizabeth.  The whole 
morning was a great opening to the event that was fun, expansive and 
gracious.  I saw flirting, politicking, and many other authentic activities 
as almost everyone on sight came together before court, for the first time 
in years.

Later at Elfsea Defender, I listened to Lindsay perform my poem "The Baron" 
for me and my pavilion.

Also at Elfsea, we were finally able to complete the transfer of the 
College of Bards badge to Ansteorran bards in general.  That night, Duchess 
Willow and I were able to play the gracious nobles, giving out several mugs 
with the badge to bards who had never been able to use the badge before.

At fencing practice last month, I pulled a groin muscle.  I have been 
working for a month, practicing fighting from a chair, because this weekend 
at Queen's Champion, I **WILL** fight for Queen Vanessa.  At each practice, 
I feel very much the aging Elizabethan warrior still preparing to serve his 
queen, with authentically aching legs.

The truth is, it's kind of fun to be Robin of Gilwell, and I seek out the 
chance whenever possible.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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