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Frankly, I don't do much "in camp".  By the time I get to my camp, it is dark and I am exhausted from doing stuff all day.  I find some food and crash.  Now, during the day you will never see me sitting still and doing nothing -- I always have some hand work going.  Perhaps others have the same problem with exhaustion and that is why you don't find them doing stuff in camp.

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-- "Mystique" <Mystique at phulesgold.com> wrote:
<<<I understand that you are trying to get people motivated and thinking about 
actually bringing things to events and doing them while there...
that is a good thing...

<<>If nothing else...
it will get people to looking around and noticing things at the event...
very often we are so distracted when we are at events...
that we are kind of blind to all the things going on...
and the human tendency is to not look very far outside of ourselves anyway ;)

L DeerSlayer

This is exactly what I am trying to do.. get more people to bring and do at 
events. We ALWAYS walk the campsites to see if we can find anyone actually 
working on something. And so far, that has been met with very little success.. a 
few.. but very few. We are going to Candlemas.. enforce from Copperas 
Cove/Killeen area and I would love to meet the people from the list. We don't 
have to agree on any of this.. as long as we RESPECT eachothers opinions and not 
be rude about it.

We have been here since June and have been able to attend about 4 or 5 events so 
far. Some were better than others, but that is expected.


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