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Wed Jan 23 08:05:57 PST 2008

<It isn't so much doing things in camp as simply doing them where people can see 
you doing them.  If you are practicing your art those that <For more than 20 
years I've brought spinning wheels, floor looms, inkle looms or embroidery to 
events to work on during the day.  This has <fallen somewhat by the wayside as 
I've become more active as a rapier fighter.  You can only pack so much stuff in 
a vehicle.

<I can't remember the last Court that I attended when I didn't have some type of 
work in my hands and almost always I will be asked what to <explain what I'm 
doing or how it is done which results in a brief informal exchange on the status 
of my research and the development of the <individual who began the conversation 
just as you and I have done several times.

<I've seen you at your booth you always have something going while you vend or 
as sit during a meeting or at practice.

<Rhiannon ferch Cian


This is what I have been wanting to see.. and yes, more than just in campsite 
which is why I mentioned in an earlier reply that some events could set up a 
small area (Table and maybe a canopy type thing) for artisans to do stuff.. 
where people can see you. It's how my husband and I both found interests in 
several of the crafts we do.

It's what I truly wanted people to understand.. Competitions and documentation.. 
ok they are fine.. but where is the REALITY of how things were done in the 
Middle Ages??  People did their crafts on a darn near daily basis, good weather 
and bad. They sold their stuff when possible or were commissioned in some cases 
to make things. But they worked their craft out where people could see.. others 
saw and took interest and some then decided to become students themselves.

That's what I feel "living the dream" means.. We can show off and document all 
day.. but I prefer to DO IT.. and doing it where others can see and ask and 
learn and even teach is what I would love to see more of at events. And yes, I 
do know that SOME crafts aren't portable or can be difficult in certain 
weather.. But that shouldn't stop people from trying.

We (as in me and family) don't play to earn awards or become a knight or any of 
that. We do it for pure enjoyment and learning. Hubby fights.. but doesn't care 
if he never becomes a Knight to fight for Crown. We shoot archery for the fun of 
it. We do alot of our crafts not just for SCA but for our own personal use and 
gratification. I do bookbinding not just as an SCA craft but to learn a new way 
to make things for family and friends as gifts and such. I think a hand made 
photo album is a better, and has more meaning, gift than a store bought one.

Watching someone do a craft they really love is, to me, very fulfilling in it's 
own right.


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