[Ansteorra] To the Gentles of Northumbra and England

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 23 19:18:46 PST 2008

Your Grace,
Safe passage thru the Barony of Northkeep could be assured to your grace at 
the command of my King, if he so give it. Your journey would indeed be a 
long one if you so choose to seek a road thru these lands to your 
destination. However safe a caravan might be with in the borders of 
Northkeep the time taken on the roman roads and cattle trails to reach our 
mighty Barony would be counter intuitive to arriving in a timely manner in 
Alfred's court. I would also fear the trek a very arduous journey for a 
company filled with fair ladies, even hardy Scottish lasses, to so far a 
northern hall. There are many an unmarried man and rascal about these days 
and news of a caravan of such fair cargo might tempt raiders. If travel you 
must in the company of many ladies I would urge you to be well guarded and 
gained of safe passage from all those Barons that hold lands between you and 
your destination where ever it may be.

If by some hazard or blessing you find it so that your pilgrimage does bring 
you this way, it is known that in the month of Cupid's celebration that 
Northkeep shall host all the Artisans of the Kingdom as they show their best 
works in hopes to gaining the favor of their Masters and the Crown. In that 
time my offer of safe passage with in the borders of Northkeep, our good 
King willing, would still stand for you and your caravan.

Ian Dun Gillan
Baron of Northkeep 

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