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L T ldeerslayer at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 21:39:00 PST 2008


If I go...maybe I _should_ first read... 

"The use and abuse of hostages in later Anglo-Saxon England" by Ryan Lavelle

just in case things get _medieval_  ;)

Personna play is not nearly as fun to watch if you don't understand what it's based on...

L DeerSlayer

Peter Schorn <peterschorn at pdq.net> wrote: 
>Message: 5
>Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 18:27:17 +0000
>From: michael young 
>Subject: [Ansteorra] Saxon/Danish early period tourney and melees at
> Candlemas on Feb 2
>To celebrate the new found peace between the Saxons and the Danes a series
>of Chivalric "Friendship Games" are planned at Bryn Gwylad's Candlemas
>Event: Demonstrations of Individual Prowess:...

...followed by the Airing of Grievances?


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