[Ansteorra] Freedom in the West

Elizabeth Blackthorne eblackthorne at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 08:14:25 PST 2008

As a member of one of the suspended groups, I understand the question.  Why
should I be told who my number belongs to?  That is actually an easy
answer.  In my opinion, the zipcodes were set up so that close groups did
not compete with each other for the same people, (ie, if you give us your
number we will make you an officer, or will never make you an officer, let
you do X that they won't let you do, etc).   There are many groups who will
welcome you, regardless of where your number officially is.  For Example,
Crossrode Keep has a member who has chosen to play with Mendersham.  We have
welcomed him to play with us, but he met Mendersham first, and has a bond
with them.  He calls himself a member of Mendersham, and no one disputes
it.  If the person who sent the original missive wants to play, for example,
in Bryn Gwlad, I am sure Bryn Gwlad would be happy to have him/her.  The
distance between may be great measured in miles, but is only a factor if you
want it to be.  I know Gas prices make things harder in this area, but it is
not an insurmountable obstacle if one truly wants to play with another

A "Region" is no more than a centralized reporting entity.  In the West we
embraced it and made it more than that in our minds, and that reflected out
to others.  Since no one declared us more than a "reporting entity" no one
can take it away from us.  We made ourselves the Western Region, a name we
took great pride in being associated with.  Our friendships, willingness to
work together, and our isolation of distance from the rest of the Kingdom,
fueled this to what it is, and will always be... The Western Region.

The same thing goes with our local groups.  Yes, some, if not all, are
fighting this to the BOD.  Even if we lose,( I have faith that my group will
come out of this very much alive, but for worse case scenario sake), we will
still be who we are.  Am Loch will still be Am Loch, Adlersruhe will still
be Adlersruhe, Blacklake will still be Blacklake, Mendersham will still be
Mendersham, and Crossrode Keep will still be Crossrode Keep.  Our identities
will remain because we created them, all Kingdom and the BOD did was give us
the legality, so all Kingdom and the BOD can do is take away the legality.
Only we can take away our identity.

Lady Elizabeth Blackthorne
Shire of Crossrode Keep

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