[Ansteorra] A question about freedom from the Western Region

Kristi Johnson kristi_johnson1972 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 12:27:59 PST 2008

Well like I said it has been a looooooong time since I
filled one out.  For all I know I may be remembering a
old Gulf Wars camping reservation form or something of
the like ;P

Thora O. (Mind like a steel seive!)
--- Chris Zakes <dontivar at gmail.com> wrote:

> At 10:01 AM 1/25/2008, you wrote:
> >It has been a while since I filled out a
> memebership
> >form but I recall having to state what group I was
> a
> >part of and it was printed on my card.
> I don't ever recall seeing that on *my* membership
> form, but even if 
> it was a policy at one time, it isn't any more.
> >  Now here is my
> >question. (I don't know whether my zip is Elfsea or
> >SLR this is just for discussions sake) Lets say I
> live
> >in the Shire of Loch Ruadh, I however chose to play
> >with DFT and enter Canton of Dragons Fire Tor on my
> >membership application. Does my membership count
> for
> >LR's numbers per the zip code or does it count for
> >per my choice?
> As far as I understand things, your membership is
> counted based on 
> your zip code. I've heard of people maintaining a
> post office 
> box  for their kingdom newsletter, so they can be
> counted as citizens 
> of one kingdom even though their residence is
> actually in another kingdom.
>          -Tivar Moondragon
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