[Ansteorra] A question about freedom from the Western Region

Signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte lisabetta at kjsl.com
Fri Jan 25 12:28:14 PST 2008

Yes just get a p.o. box that is in their zipcode..
or do like I used to do..

Many Many moons ago I lived in a group that I just didn't care for so I
had a friend back in stargate allow me to use her address for my

I then faxed renee a change of address (this was long before the days of
email & Internet) and my membership counted towards stargate instead of
the group I was living in. It just means you will get your newsletters

Nel Servizio che rimango
Signora Lisabetta Micola da Monte

>  This may open up a "can of worns"...But I have a question.
>     If I live in  Houston, and my zip code is with that group,.. But I
> work and play with a group in DFW....can I put that (DFW) group on
> membership card?..Just a question.....

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