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Sat Jan 26 17:24:48 PST 2008

I have to agree with that. First, when I was about fourteen or fifteen, I made a personna of a girl from 13th century England. I researched like mad and loved every minute of it. At about seventeen, I spent alot of time researching the Byzantine for my new persona and loving every minute of it. About two years ago, I started research for my new(est) persona, a sailor from the 1500s. In the meantine, having no talent for sewing, my garb is pretty basic but not specific to this persona nor the one before that. (But could probably pass for the first persona I created.) I'm sure that in a few years, I will have exhausted my interest in a full-time study of this time and place, and will be on to the next stage in history.
  I've always felt really guilty that my interest in medieval history didn't stick to a specific time and place, but now I feel that I can spend a few years on one time, and the next on another, and that's okay. The beauty of medieval history is that there's so damn much of it and it's all so interesting that I joined a reenactment group where I play at history with dozens of other people who feel roughly the same way. :) Kind of like that last scene in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, when they're giving thier history report, only with more representatives from times and places...
  And in the end, as Lady de Grey has very eloquently stated, no matter what time and place my interest wanders to, I am in Ansteorra now. Vivat!
  R the O

Susan McMahill <sueorintx at hotmail.com> wrote:
  I am an Ansteorran woman who has developed a basic persona because it is expected, and late 12th century England is where my interest lies. I will follow the customs of my land which has people of varied interests and cultures, and I will comport myself as a woman of Ansteorra. We have adopted many customs of earlier times, but speak the same language and accept people of other times and places as our own. While I have studied of Henry II, Richard, John, and Queen Eleanor of blessed memory, MY king and queen are Aaron and Vanessa. The persona I will play is that which I live.

Vivat Anstorra! My homeland, My dream!

Lyneya de Grey

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