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Kristi Johnson kristi_johnson1972 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 08:56:09 PST 2008

I think Maire's idea of an A&S area at events is a
good one.  Personally I have never really gone for
sitting a watching fighting all day long.  I like a
fight or two.  I like to check out the ones I hear
will be an interesting or exciting matchup or if it is
someone I am close to, but I don't go for it all day. 
Some kind of less formal A&S activity would be a nice
thing to suppliment the fighting watching. 

I have seen a couple of groups that have those really
monstously huge pavillions. Something like that set up
not too far from the list field so that some A&S stuff
like classes or just informal groups could meet would
be fun to have. After the days activities are finished
the area could be used for court.

The problem I see with sending crafting off to the
campsites is that the campsite is not where most of
the action is during the day.  For me the campsite has
been my Bifrost between the Midgard of Mundanity to
the Asgard of the Dream. I can wind down from the
world before heading to the activities and come back
down from the fun and gear up for the world again

Also lets face it. A number of us just don't have the
financial fortitude to be able to buy the beautiful
pavillions just for SCA camping.  Most folks camping
gear tends towards the practical side of things. We
hide what we can but that Columbia or Ozark Trail logo
in the middle of camp is a little hard to disguie. If
the Good Lord dropped a check in my lap and said "Thou
shalt spend this on SCA fun!" I would probably spend
most of it on garb and craft tools or a bow or a drum
and the camping stuff last. To me the practicality of
camp kind of takes the wind out of a period craft

Your results may vary.

Thora Olafsdottir
--- Mystique <Mystique at phulesgold.com> wrote:

> This is what I have been wanting to see.. and yes,
> more than just in campsite 
> which is why I mentioned in an earlier reply that
> some events could set up a 
> small area (Table and maybe a canopy type thing) for
> artisans to do stuff.. 
> where people can see you. It's how my husband and I
> both found interests in 
> several of the crafts we do.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> snippage again<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

> Watching someone do a craft they really love is, to
> me, very fulfilling in it's 
> own right.
> Maire
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