[Ansteorra] Youth Collegiums

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 24 09:41:37 PST 2008

From: "Chiara Francesca" >
> I am just not the best baby sitter in the world. I have to tell my kids ..
> do you want Auntie Francesca (i.e. Baroness Francesca) to come over and 
> talk
> to you? .. when their behavior is such that I cannot get anywhere with 
> them.
> This stops the behavior immediately. :D

Peals of laughter... my neighbors and my son's friends' parents use to 
threat to call me if they didn't behave.
No, I was never mean to any of them, they just knew that they didn't want to
call me out as to whether or not
I was running a bluff.  Once in a while I'd get a call from a child that 
always started off Miss Sher, I just wanted
to tell you ...

Runa of the Thundering Herd

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