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My understanding of history is that items that were costly were basically 
passed down to the next in line.  They may have been remade (clothing) or 
simply made to fit that particular person.  Armor, swords, etc were passed 
down the male line again because they were costly items.

So the way people learned of new 'fashions' was when they attended court of 
some type and saw what the nobles surrounding the King, Queen, Prince, 
Princess, Duke, etc wore.  Then the 'cloth' was remade into more fashionable 
clothing.  Sort of a waste not, want not.

Runa of the Thundering Herd

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From: "Rose & Chad" >
>  I've always felt really guilty that my interest in medieval history 
> didn't stick to a specific time and place, but now I feel that I can spend 
> a few years on one time, and the next on another, and that's okay. The 
> beauty of medieval history is that there's so damn much of it and it's all 
> so interesting that I joined a reenactment group where I play at history 
> with dozens of other people who feel roughly the same way. :) Kind of like 
> that last scene in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, when they're giving 
> thier history report, only with more representatives from times and 
> places...
>  And in the end, as Lady de Grey has very eloquently stated, no matter 
> what time and place my interest wanders to, I am in Ansteorra now. Vivat!
>  R the O

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