[Ansteorra] Svan and Catrin's wedding at Warlord

Svan Coldbrowskaldsson ldsvan at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 00:16:49 PST 2008

Good people of the greatest Kingdom of the Known World,

I am Svan.

I wish to announce the upcoming wedding of myself, The Honorable Lord Svan
Coldbrowskaldsson of Gunnarsstead, to the beautiful Lady Catrin ferch
Maelgwn of the Great House Sterling.  This most wonderful and gods-blessed
event is to happen at Steppes Warlord this coming May.

At this time, in preparation, this poor lord would delight in accepting bids
from those whose culinary skills can meet the challenge of a wedding feast.
For further details, please contact me privately.

All friends, shieldbrothers, and allies are invited to attend.  Let us
drink, sing, and drink some more at this most wonderful time!

(And perhaps a small tourney by moonlight, if we get drunk enough.)

Still singing to the kingdom,
Svan Coldbrowskaldsson

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