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I totally agree.  Cloth only lasts so long especially depending on how it 
was made, what it was made from and how it was cared for.  For example, fur 
appears to go in and out of "fashion" though out the ages.  A thrifty woman 
would salvage this type of decoration and pack them carefully away for 
future use.  I can not speak for all women but it is almost impossible for 
me to throw away fabric, trim, etc if there is a slight chance I might find 
a use for it in the future.  I even know how to repair a piece of wool that 
has slight moth holes in it.  (Yes I do have thrifty, waste not blood in my 
ethnic background).  A thrifty woman would air fabrics on a regular basis to 
make sure bugs had not gotten into them.  The fancier fabrics would in a 
normal household not be worn on a daily basis.  Thereby allowing the fabric 
to last longer with proper storage.

I never said mix and match the centuries.  Some of the lesser households may 
not be able to afford the newer cloths but might find something packed away 
in a chest that could be used with the newer design of clothing without 
appearing completely outdated.  I am speaking of 3-4 generations which was 
not that long of a time span compared to today's 3-4 generations.

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> Yes, and there was a thriving business in used clothes. And clothes  were 
> reworked as fashion changed. But clothes only last so long. So  while this 
> will work for clothes for a few generations it doesn't  give you a ready 
> excuse for wearing clothes mixed over several  centuries.
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