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Richard Morgan rmorgan at satx.rr.com
Sun Jan 27 20:28:32 PST 2008

Baron Bors,
    Thank you for your response I had hoped that this was your intent. I had 
recognized the quote; it was just a bit curious the way you cut it off. I 
like the current redaction much better. I believe it states your aims much 
more clearly. I apologize for my over reaction however their are certain 
concepts that I feel must be dealt with directly. I hope that you have taken 
no offence and that we may share a drink and a toast when next we meet.

In Service
Sir Richard ap Morgan

> In a message dated 1/27/2008 5:11:39 PM Central Standard Time,
> rmorgan at satx.rr.com writes:
> Baron  Bors,
> Would you please explain what you are trying to say here! There are 
> several
> ways that this could be interpreted; a couple of which I take  great 
> offence
> to. First, I am a Gentleman and I was born in the south this  however does
> not mean that I in any way condone or will tolerate the  abomination of
> slavery or racism of any kind. Furthermore the implication  that our 
> kingdom
> in some way is bringing back the horror of that time is  slanderous.
> Hopefully your intent was different than it appears and I am  over 
> reacting.
> Please Advise
> Sir Richard ap  Morgan
>> Here in this pretty world Gallantry took its  last bow ...
>> Here was the last ever to be seen of Knights and their  Ladies Fair, Look
> for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream  remembered,
>> a Civilization gone with the wind.
>> Except in  Ansteorra
> Check modified quote- that was what was intended-  Sorry if  misconstrued
> No offense intended - You are overeacting- but that's OK
> Slavery was and is wrong-
> No knight I know of is a bigot.
> Only meant that the old ways are gone except in Ansteorra but
> We in this kingdom are trying to hold onto the good parts of the past by
> recreating it.  That was my intent.
> But on the other hand what about our current civilization?
> The days when what a person said is what they meant.
> The days when it was what was on your inside not your possessions that 
> was
> important.
> The days when you helped your friends not screw them over.
> The days when a bussiness transaction could be sealed with a  handshake.
> The days when you where happy just being happy-
> The days when you went to a religious house of worship to solve your
> problems- not to a pharmacy.
> The days when it was what you are was important- not the color of you 
> skin.
> The days when a kid could ride their bicycle after dark and no one worried
> about them getting home OK
> The days when you knew all your neighbors.
> The days when kids played in everybodies backyard because there were no
> privacy fences.
> The days when no one knew what a plastic surgeon was.
> The days when five households shared one telephone line -now there are 
> five
> telephone lines for one household.
> The days when you trusted your doctor-not sue him for being human.
> The days when your identity was yours and nobody could steal it.
> The days I am describing are days that I lived through and remember- these
> days are gone.
> I feel very sorry for the future generations who have this legacy to build
> upon.
> I am the first of the baby boomers and I can't say I am proud of 
> everything
> that my generation has done.
> Flame away
> Bors
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