[Ansteorra] Persona Play

george basore murray_kinsman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 27 17:47:48 PST 2008

  Once again, Her Grace, Duuchess Willow de Wisp is
teaching those who will listen about what, who and why
we are. I, for one, am grateful for your efforts.
  There is, however one point that alot of us have
  As this is a historical studies-inducing hobby, (at
least it was  in the beggining) I did some research,
and lo and behold,  In the beggining, we were a
Masqued ball, attended by nobles, dressed as the
character from the past they chose to personify.(thus
it is  our "Presona", get the drift?)
  This is the reason that a 14th century Scottish Sea
Captain could be appointed by royal commission to
Admiral of his kings fleet, and have as his helmsman,
an 11th century Icelander, a 10th century Welsh
daughter, and when he retired, turn the Royal Navy
over to a 16th century Irishman.(thus, my persona's
'history' fits in.)
  When we remember this, we see that every time we put
on garb and join in, we are, by definition, indulging
in persona play, to some extent.
  For those of us who enjoy "High" persona play, it
truely is easier to make your "persona" a historically
plauseable version of yourself.
(Mundanely, I am retired from over 20 years of Naval
Service, AND a  member of a Scottish maritime family)
  Interesting, eh, wot?

              Ld Adm Robert Haddock:; Ansteorran Royal Navy, Ret.
          (By Wind and Wave, THIS we Shall Defend)
        Ansteorra expects we do our duty in all things.
  You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less 
       To do your duty is to do everything, exactly right. 

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