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Subject: Toys for Tots Silent Auction at Candlemas February 2, 2008
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Duchess Julia was gracious enough to donate an absolutely gorgeous wood
chest to be used in a silent auction that benefits Toys for Tots and
Mistress Gwyneth Blackrose and the Barony of Bryn Gwlad were also gracious
in letting us do the auction at their event.  The chest is 47" long x 20"
wide x 20" high.  I have been informed that the chest is Oak on the outside
with gorgeous rose trim along the bottom and cedar lining the inside.  I
have taken some pictures of it which are located at

This will be a silent auction not a raffle as we have done in the past.  We
will be accepting money for the chest instead of toys.  The money will go to
buying toys so that we can have those numbers in our final count at the end
of the year.

Lady Valeria and I were extremely excited when it was given to us.  We feel
that this will help get the year started on reaching our goal of 1000 toys
by Stargate Yule 2008.  We almost made it to our goal last year and are
striving really hard to reach it.  Please be on the look out for other Toys
for Tots activities throughout the year.

If you have anymore questions about the chest please feel free to contact

Lady Brenna MacDonald

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