[Ansteorra] May Marshallate authorizations

Bianca della Vittoria bianca_celtic at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 3 18:51:16 PDT 2008

Here are the cards issue for may!
  Michael A. Collum-Loemax D'sonai
  Sam Ward jr. Damien d'Outrener
  Michael C. Donnelly
  Two Youth authorizations after receiving some need info will be going out this week and a third is still in need of more information. This is being worked on within the marshallate structure. Please be patient if you sent in any youth authorizations. We are in the process of receiving background checks and checking them against the roster and issuing the new cards for approved marshals.  
  Have a wonderful June, be safe in your travels, drink plenty of water and carpool when you can!
  HL Bianca della Vittoria
  Marshallate secretary 

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