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At one time, the Shire of the Shadowlands provided belt favors with the Shire populace badge to those who received their AoA in Shadowlands.  I was fortunate that I had friends there (Jean Estelle and Dianna, to name two) who provided me with one years after the fact for the AoA awarded me by Sigmund and Sieglinde II.  The Shire badge is Per pale azure and sable, issuant from the line of division a compass star throughout conjoined to a demi-annulet, all within a bordure Or.  My belt favor is sewn from vertical strips of azure and sable fabric.  The badge is sewn mainly using chain stitch, with the bordure actually a circle upon the fabric so that only the Or charges are stitched.  I thought it very clever and wear it with pride as a former member of the Shadowlands.

Having passed all my original AoA-level awards on to others*, I planned to get badges to replace them to sew on my belt favor.  I did get a brass one for my crane, which I just noticed is no longer on my belt favor (probably lost at Lysts), but hadn't yet gotten one to replace my thistle (time to go shopping!).  In like manner, after I got the Baronial service award, which was presented me as a belt favor, I attached all my Baronial non-armigerous awards in the same manner.  This was not done for any historical consideration, but for ease and comfort.  I really don't like to wear a bunch of stuff around my neck and this took care of the problem admirably.  It also meant I didn't misplace them as much as the favors are not taken from the belt.  The only award I wear as presented is my Star of Merit, which I proudly wear on my arm.  It is indeed my highest honor.

In service,
Rhiannon o Goed Niwlog

* My Sable Crane, stitched by Aeruin ni Herin, I passed to Lord Martin Hart of Wells
(of blessed memory) who later passed it Mistress Jehanne d'Avignon.  As far as I know she still has it.  My Sable Thistle, beautifully painted on a horn medallion by someone unknown, I passed to Baroness Erika Segenlein.  Except at peerage elevations, I rarely see awards passed on any more.  Has the tradition fallen into disuse?  Then again, if additional regalia had been requested at the time Don Diarmuid and I received our Stars of Merit from Queen Rowan, Her Majesty would not have had an excuse to tie us together with the garter, much to the amusement of the Court.


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> Cisco Cividanes wrote:
> >I am looking for  some advice on how to display medallion type awards
> >for an English persona in the 1470s. This is totally outside my field
> >of experties, so any help is welcome.
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> It's an interesting question, and perhaps one worthy of research, if it hasn't been done by someone already.  I'll have to check my files from the Knowne World Heraldic Proceedings articles.  Meanwhile, my best recommendation is to seek out portraits of English Personnas from the 1470s and see how they are adorned.  
> As to how to wear jewelry, or more specifically you mentioned Award Insignia, we may find that the standards for each time period and country may fall into conflict with the SCA due to that little subject called 'anachronism' (something out of place and time).  There are many historic time periods/countries/cultures where auspitious jewelry in open adornment was not considered appropriate, which might negate wearing any award insignia at all.  
> Or you can just follow SCA standards, be anachronistic, and wear your awards according to the insignia standards defines in the Ansteorran Award Texts or Award Constitutions: http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/publications.php
> An interesting aside, as I see many in the SCA making more and more attempts at period dress, complete with head and foot gear; at some of the major wars, I'm beginning to see gentles who have earned a number of awards, starting to only wear the mass of them at formal courts instead of through out the day where they may wear no awards at all or only the highest of any tract.  
> An interesting subject, what do the rest of you think?
> Hillary 

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