[Ansteorra] Lysts at Castelton Kitchen Thank You's ...

Maria Buchanan scarlettmb at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 3 19:21:18 PDT 2008

Unto the populace of Ansteorra,

I wish to send out my deepest thanks to those who
helped to cook and serve feast for Lysts at Castelton.

I had some people over to help with prep during the
week before the event.  Among those who were here
Mistress Annes
HL Caitlin the Celt
HE Narkissa Ekaterina Vladimirova
Mistress Lorraine Deerslayer
Lady Rachel
My thanks for coming to my home and helping with
cutting and chopping veggies.

To those who helped in the Kitchen:
HE Master Ivarr
HE Master Rognvalder
Mistress Annes
HL Thorgard
Lady Anne
Mistress Lorraine
HE Gwen
Lord Thomas atte Woode
Lord Deitrich
Lord Malachai
Lady Clara from Gate's Edge (and her niece who's name
escapes me at the moment)
and several others whose names I can't remember

To those who helped with clean-up:
HE Genvieve
Lady Clara
(I'm sure there were others but I don't remember who)

I also have to thank one person who helped out in the
kitchen who did a FANTASTIC job, did anything she was
asked and was just the most fantastic little helper
you could possibly imagine ... Jessica.  

I also want to thank the Longship Company for being so
supportive when I told them I wanted to do the feast. 
I'm very fortunate to have such supportive friends.

All my thanks.
Lady Elizabeta Maria dei Medici
Maria Buchanan

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