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Currently there are no governing rules for Livery Collars / Collars/Chains of State in Ansteorran Kingdom Law.
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Chains of Rank and Estate are few and far between.  Reserved for only the best of the best.  And as any jewelry (portable money), the things that we have lost to the hands of time (thieves, poverty, war, looting, ect.), will always far exceed those treasures which we have on hand.  From the few pieces that we have on hand and the few portraits of others that have been lost, we can see that the style of these awards have changed very little over the years.  Like coronets, they bestow a certain grace and nobility upon the wearer for all to see.

It has been a while since I have delved into chains, but I will keep on looking.  My other interests is plaque belts, coronets, and signet rings . . . . off and on research never ends I am afraid.

If you are to construct a chain, know that there are certain things that are reserved for the kingdom.  Also, some kingdoms require you to be of a certain rank to wear one (sumptuary laws).  Having a Herald check it is also a good thing as well.  Other than that, design it twelve times to make sure you can live with it, before making it.  Research motifs and design details that were common for your area and time period.  And be ready to make changes as new information arises.

Have fun.  Excel in all your endeavors.


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