[Ansteorra] Collar question

JOHN KELLER wolfgangvonsachsenhausen at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 20:57:26 PDT 2008

>From what I have seen so far, most of the Collars tend to be English, and I am wondering if they were common in Gernmany, particularly to the Landsknecht (16th Century).  It seems between feathers, bells and other "bling," the more they could add the better.


> Chains of Rank and Estate are few and far between. 
> Reserved for only the best of the best.  And as any
> jewelry (portable money), the things that we have lost to
> the hands of time (thieves, poverty, war, looting, ect.),
> will always far exceed those treasures which we have on
> hand.  From the few pieces that we have on hand and the
> few portraits of others that have been lost, we can see
> that the style of these awards have changed very little
> over the years.  Like coronets, they bestow a certain
> grace and nobility upon the wearer for all to see.


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