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As for a history and recreation of the Landsknecht, you may want to look at the following links:

Landsknecht Soldier 1486-1560: 1486-1560 (. . . no real insignia of rank . . . )

For more good information and examples of Chains, you may want to look at these sites:
Livery collars:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Livery_collar

Collars of Orders of Knighthood:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collar_%28Order_of_Knighthood%29

Collars of Orders of Knighthood and Livery Collars:  http://www.larsdatter.com/collars.htm

As for Period German chains, you may want to look here:
Austro-Hungarian Empire: The Order of the Golden Fleece (1431):  http://www.medals.org.uk/austria/austria-empire/austria-empire-006.htm

Hesse-Darmstadt: Order of the Golden Lion:  http://www.medals.org.uk/hesse-darmstadt/hesse-darmstadt002.htm

For just some more good information and ideas, that a look here:
Medals of the World (Kind of cool to get design ideas):  http://www.medals.org.uk/index.htm

The History of Orders & Decorations:  http://www.medalnet.net/OrderHistory.htm

Over all, I can not think of a reason that a Landsknecht would be given a Chain for their service.  But I can not say that one would not wear one that he found around a dead generals neck . . . . and wear it proudly as a trophy from a long battle.  But there are others that are far more versed in the histories of the Landsknecht than I.


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>>From what I have seen so far, most of the Collars tend to be English, and I am wondering if they were common in Gernmany, particularly to the Landsknecht (16th Century).  It seems between feathers, bells and other "bling," the more they could add the better.

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