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Sun Jun 8 19:23:31 PDT 2008


First, I would like to thank outgoing Central Regional A&S Minister Mistress Rosalia di Bellavita, for all her work in the office.  I hope to serve the Kingdom with as much grace as she showed.

Second, the tournament season is upon Ansteorra.  Not only are the fighters getting geared up, but so are the Artisans. 

In the upcoming months artisans will have many opportunities to show off their skills.  Artisans always enhance an event with the songs and poetry they perform, the dances that inspire, the items that decorate the pavilions, or the clothes they create for themselves and others.  But at the following events, there are special opportunities for artisans to shine.  I hope the populous will support the artisans the same way the artisans support the populous. 

June 14 – King’s College in Steppes.  
>From woodworking to research, come learn a vast array of new arts or improve upon ones you already know. 

June 25 – Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in Westgate
Many arts are covered by these topics, from vocal heraldry to painting silk banners to gold leave on scrolls. 

August 8-10 – Lughnasad in Loch Rudah
A three round Titled Bardic competition, from Mischief, to Romance, to Bards choice.  Or enter the A&S non-titled competition. You can bring the work you love the best, or enter their famous OOPS A&S competition (OOPS – Out Of Period Sort-of).  This is where you bring your pieces that aren’t “really” period, but look close.  This is a great competition for a first time artisan or ones having fun. Read the rules at the site below.

August 16 – Steppes Artisan in Steppes
One of the premier Body of Work competitions - Come to compete or come to admire some of the best A&S displays outside of Kingdom A&S.  
Website not up yet

In Service,
 HLy Hanna von Dahl
 Central Regional MoAS


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