[Ansteorra] My thoughts on war (Was War and Goliards)

Julie Cunningham juliecunningham65 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 8 20:29:07 PDT 2008

To the general Populace of Ansteorra, and to the Steppes do I, Katheryn Cunningghame send salutations
I wish to publicly proclaim that ANY and ALL are welcome here in the Steppes. We have a diverse group of people in our society, and we should be respectful of others opinions and viewpoints even when they do not agree with our own. Just because someone doesn't choose "your side" does not make their viewpoint wrong.
We DO have a battle waging here in our society - the "war" to find and keep members.  I know that several of our groups are looking into ways on how to obtain and retain members.  But I can tell you that several good gentles have left our group because of others being unkind or inconsiderate, either in person or on a list. This is unacceptable. This negates all that many have done to increase our membership.  This frustrates and angers me.
In my opinion we should appreciate our differences, because we can learn much from our friends who do not agree. We should treat each other with compassion and kindness, for that is what we would want for ourselves. We should celebrate our time together, for we never know when we will be taken from this good earth. 
I think the most effective way to see the positive change you want is BE the change you wish to see.  
In Service to Their Majesties, to Ansteorra, to Steppes and to the Dream
Katheryn Cunningghame
Baroness of the Steppes
"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi


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