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Greetings! Please feel free to cross post this.

My truck and a vehicle from Starkhafn were both broken into. There was no 
damage to my truck and as far as I know the other vehicle is fine. What was 
taken is as follows:

1. The Queen's Champion Sword & Scabbard(Kingdom is working on replacing it 
as we speak.) They left the tabard.
2. The Queen's Rapier Sword & Scabbard (Thee Rapier community has wanted to 
replace it for a wile and has stepped up the timing on that.) They left the 
3. The Un-Armored Combat Sword & Scabbard (Kingdom is working on replacing 
that as well.)
4. The Awards box (HG Falina says there are enough medallions in stock to 
last us till we order more.) We will need more cords, Silver and Blue and 
white, Vanguards of Honor and Cord de Guerres.
5. HRM's Court favors (More are being made now, Thank you.)
6. My Dragon wing (pavilion) (My Freehold and friends have already paid for 
a new one, Thank you!)
7. Griffin Freehold's Feast box (Most of our feastware was in a trash bag 
under the seat of my truck and is fine but still needs washing :( )
8. One suit of Armor (Red carved leather and silver scale)
9. 3 Uncle Asis baskets
10. 1 pair of $300.00 Hair shears (I have 4 others and am fine.)
11. About 100-150 of my CDs (All of this music is on my lap top or i-pod)
12. My Chamberlain book.

>From Starkhafn:
2 suits of Armor from 2 of their young fighters.

I don't have hopes of getting any of it back but the hotel did have a camera 
pointed right at my truck and the theft was caught on tape and the police 
have that tape. What I would like the populace to do is keep an eye on the 
Internet and the local swap meets. If you see anything please contact 
Countess Leonora or myself ASAP. It may take awhile for the stuff to show 

My stuff can all be replaced and will be, I would like people to help the 
young Starkhafn fighters to replace their armor. (You can contact the 
Baroness for more details on that.) Also this is a hard lesson to learn. We 
need to be better about security of our own stuff. As I walked around QC 
there were baskets with wallets on top, car keys on tables and other 
valuables out in plain sight. The constables can only do so much. We need to 
remember we are in public Parks and our cars are impenetrable.

I would also like to that the people of Caid who came forth to help. If we 
had taken all the award medallions that were offered Caid would be a naked 
place indeed :) The Archery community stepped up. Baron Jamal offered his 
own sword to use till the QC can be replaced. People were removing the cords 
from around their necks to give to TRMs to use. The awards for the morning 
were all donated from people's own necks.?
Caid once again you make me proud to be one of your numbers.
Thank you!

Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin, OP
Chamberlain to Edward & Mora, King & Queen of Caid

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