[Ansteorra] Why?

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Tue Jun 10 08:17:37 PDT 2008

Xue XianXian wrote:

>I would just like to say that I was osting on multiple lists because there
> are people on each list that do not partake of the other lists who wish
> to be made aware of how this whole deal is going.  I'm not trying to
> frustrate anyone.  I'm sorry if I have.  Just remember though, simply
> because you are on multiple lists, does not mean that everyone else is.
> Many people are only on one but have expressed the want to remain
> informed.  I have only been accomidating them.   Thank you.

This sounds reasonable, as long as you think in general terms.  But the 
fallacy becomes clear as soon as you write in specifics.  Yes, people are 
on one list and want to remain informed.  But by signing on to a single 
list, they have stated clearly and unambiguously they want to remain 
informed in a single specific area, and do not want to read anything else. 
That's what it means to be on a single list.  People on the bards list want 
to be informed about things that are unique to the bards.   If they wanted 
to be informed about general activity in Ansteorra, they would also be on 
the Ansteorra list.

Similarly, people on the Steppes list want information unique to the 
Steppes.  This thread is the kind of information they are trying to avoid 
by staying on a single thread.

Yes, of course multiple postings are annoying.  I suspect that each day, 
more and more people think of the Goliards as "that stuff I have to delete 
over and over again", which doesn't serve your purposes.  I recommend that 
you will get just as much good, and less of the bad, if you only send this 
to the Ansteorra list.  People who have decided not to be on the Ansteorra 
list probably aren't reading it anyway, once they realize it's not a local, 
or a bardic-specific, topic.  Only people who want to read political 
threads about the kingdom as a whole have any interest.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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