[Ansteorra] Missive HE Chiang

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Thu Jun 12 14:05:37 PDT 2008

My dearest Cousin, Baron of Bonwicke,

It is not so much that your borders are unsecured as it is that they seem to be creeping in a more southernly fashion each day.  As I did see the dust on the horizon of the building of this wall which you claim is so small, I felt it only prudent to dispatch a small party to investigate.  Perhaps I gave them too much license and scope and not enough direction, but I didn’t think their actions were wholly unwarranted - well, except for the collateral damage done to good Gerold’s home.  I would humbly ask that if you must build walls that you turn them to the west, thus defending us from the wilds of the Outlands instead of barring you from communion with your brothers from the south.  However, should you feel it necessary to continue in this wall-building manner, it is more than apparent that poor Blacklake and Gerold’s home has been vandalized, charred, smeared with donkey poo, and decimated  enough.  I, therefore, suggest we adjourn this dispute in the old spot by the lake right well known to you and me. 

My dearest and closest friend, Gerold, I send my utmost apology for my captain’s enthusiasm in this wall-building fiasco.  It was never our intent to annex Blacklake or your hall, but my Guard is young and eager, and we all know how the young can get caught up in the moment and their eagerness to prove themselves. 
And…they have this flag…

In service,
HE Gavin, Centurion of the Sable Star
Seneschal Trelac

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