[Ansteorra] King's College Thank Yous..

Eric Dickey dietrich.von.greyssen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 16 20:47:46 PDT 2008

To the Good Gentles of Ansteorra,

There are not many people left to thank, as my Co Steward and other staff
members have already done a wonderful job with this.  But I would like to
say thank you to the following people:

To Their Majesties I say thank you for the honor of being able to serve you
in the capacity of Event Steward for His Majesty's Event.

To Their Highnesses I say thank you for the honor of attending this event

To Master Pug and everyone involved in the approval process, thank you for
giving us the opportunity to grow within the SCA by allowing us the honor of
planning and executing this event.  This was quite a learning experience for
me and for those who worked with me.

To Her Excellency Katheryn...Thank you is not enough.  You had the faith in
me, knowing that I had not run an SCA event before and still you approached
me with the idea of being an event steward for this event.  For that I am

To the Honorable Lady Katya, you were my voice of reason.  You were the one
who told me I would spread myself too thin doing all I had planned on doing
for King's College and you were so right.  Thank you for taking Gate from me
and allowing me to have some sanity during this event.  Thank you also for
making sure I was kept myself hydrated and healthy.

To Lady Regan, Lady Annwn, Lord Faelen, the Honorable Lord Alasdair and all
the others on the event staff, gate, loadout, setup, tear down, load in....
I know that Lady Viviana and the others have already thanked each of you by
name, but I wanted all of you to know that I also echo those thank yous.
Without each and everyone of you, this event would not have taken place like
it did.  You were the real reason this event went as well and as smoothly as
it did.

To my dear sister, Lady Viviana...yes, it was definitely quite a ride.  And
without you, this would not have gone off at all.  You were the reason the
classes ran smoothly, and the event ran like it did.  Your's was the face
for the running of the event and I thank you for all you did.  You deserved
the recognition for what you did for this event.

I can say that I have never worked with a better group of people and I will
never turn down the opportunity to work with you again.

And finally to the good and wonderful gentles of our great kingdom I say
thank you.  Thank you for driving from all over creation to attend an  event
held outdoors in the wind and heat, an event of great learning and grand
fun.  (who will EVER forget the Grand Disco Court!)
I hope that no one left this event disappointed and that we met all that you
were expecting.

In humble service to the Crown and Baroness,
Lord Dietrich von Greyssen,
Co Steward, King's College
Seneschal, Barony of the Steppes

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