[Ansteorra] Silent Auction at Coronation

Don Christoforo Antonio Passavanti don_christoforo at peoplepc.com
Sat Jun 14 20:12:46 PDT 2008

Greetings to Ansteorra from Don Christoforo Passavanti: 

It is now just over 3 weeks till Coronation. 

Our most gracious Roses of Ansteorra out do themselves year after year to
ensure that the Queens from the other kingdoms are entertained and that the
fighters are celebrated at their best at the Gulf War Ansteorran Rose
Tournament as well as Her Majesty Ansteorra hosting the Pennsic Tournament.

In light of these most prestigious events Her Highness, Princess Ebergardis,
will be hosting a silent auction at Her Coronation in order to offset the
monies needed for these tournaments. Amid the items you will find a chain
mail coif, Vatican replica earrings, a commissioned scroll by HE Baroness
Suzanne, and a custom piece of insignia created to the highest bidders
specifications amongst many other items. If you have items that you would
like to donate to this worthy cause, please contact HL Mea or myself as Her
Royal Highness's fundraising coordinators at mea.pasavanti *at* gmail *dot*
com. For those in the North who will not be able to attend, Ly. Branislava
Kirilova'doch Volkova will be coordinating for those who wish to donate but
won't make it to Coronation. She may be contacted at russkievolk *at*
hotmail *dot* com.

In service to Crown and Kingdom,

Don Christoforo Passavanti

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